The arts are one of the few places where children with special needs have freedom of expression.  It provides another outlet for them to release their extra energy. This energy within the proper setting, is channeled into a direction of positive production... 

The United Unique Productions, Inc., 



 Academic, Arts and Awareness Awards Gala Benefits.

Encompassing an awards ceremony, visual and performing art performances and resource awareness information.  

Students with learning disabilities work hard but still may not reached the goals set out on their iepís (Individual Education Program).  Success stories serve as a source of encouragement and acknowledgment of assistance encourages all to reach out. At the UUP Gala Benefit, will present:

Hard Work Award

Success Award

   Inspiration Award

The United Unique Productionís hard work incentive will give special needs students an Hard Work Award for their hard work and efforts.  There will be a showcasing and  presenting Success Award to those who have successfully graduated and became productive students and or adults. Twenty  instrumental people will be presented with a Inspiration Award, who may include parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, faculty, tutors and physicians.   The nominations deadline for all three categories  will be posted in Community Affairs.

The UUP Academics, Arts and Awareness Gala Benefit will be held annually in May.   Children with special needs will perform the visual and performing arts performances. Auditions will be held in FebruaryUUP Artz productions will prepare students for the upcoming benefits.  We will be looking for students who can site or write poetry, rap, acting; dance: modern dance, hip hop etc.; paintings, drawings, sculptures;  singing , modeling, sports talent: golf; juggling etc.  Special visual and performing arts events will be posted in the Community Affairs.  Disadvantaged children and talent from the community may be utilized to support the production.

Learning deficits can make these children reluctant to reach beyond what they are use to or try new things in front of others.  The discovery and learning to value oneís inner natural talents and abilities can help children with special needs to strive beyond what is expected of them.  Their new founded abilities can give them a sense of equality when interacting with children without special needs.   Careful implementation of the arts serve as a valuable tool in assisting children with special needs achieve educational success. . . 

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