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Aiming High is the school objective.  Different Learning Styles can hinder the learning process of children.  Since the adoption of the inclusion program the classes consist of many students with reading difficulties.  These difficult ties may go undiagnosed and as a result your child may be retained up to 3 times in one grade. As a result they can fall behind in reading, math and develop low self-esteem.  After discovering there is a need for assistance of meeting the needs of different styles of learning and awareness, The United Unique Production, Inc. (UUP), “Assisting with success” in academics, arts and awareness was formed.  The UUP Private Reading & Resource Tutoring division was created to offer learning opportunities to students with learning differences that are caused by auditory and visual processing deficits, comprehension and memory difficulties.  The focus is to reinforce and work in harmony with the regular and special education program as we broaden the children’s outlook by increasing academic accomplishments, discovering hidden talents while embracing parents to raise community awareness. 

The UUP Private Reading and Resource Tutoring offers a variety of enjoyable reading styles activities that include regular ed and students who are ADD, ADHD, SLD, and Dyslexic.  Ages 8 - 12 years old, where parental consent, participation and encouragement will be necessary.  The production consists of children from various social and economical background who are united by there unique abilities.  The UUP Private Reading & Resource Tutoring will offer nationally validate scientific researched reading styles to achieve the highest levels of literacy and self-fulfillment in small private settings.  Each session will be instrumental in aiding special needs children with reinforcing the skills necessary to advance towards mainstreaming into regular class settings and passing the F-CAT

whatz_1.gif (176032 bytes)We are offering our services at the affordable rates so that parents can provide their loved one with the assistance they need to succeed.  Donations and sponsorships will be accepted and students can participate in fundraisers projects to off set the costs. 

We work hard to ensure each tutoring center maintains a cheerful and engaging environment to which children look forward to returning.  We are passionately concerned that all children learn to read and we want to assist with the "No Child Left Behind" imitative... (Including Special Needs Students).              


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