Positive Impact

Being an Uplifting Source of Encouragement for all who have met or overcame their struggles and for those to come.

Lets acknowledge those who have struggled in reading and have reached their goals of the school year 2008-2009.  Please join me on August 1, 2009 at GA LA - CAR's Grand Opening, featuring WhatUup Positive Impact Benefit. Struggling readers, ESE (special needs, sld, ld, eh, dyslexic)  and children at risk welcomed.  This will be an event that their success will be acknowledged. Please email your elementary, middle or high school child's  name, age or grade, school, teacher's name and reading accomplishment by July 29, 2009

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Date: August 1, 2009

Place: Johnson Family Flea Market, Suite 134/135

Time: 1:00pm

Parents Email the candidates name in to galacar@whatzuup.org or call 353-4256



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