UUP Background

Our production consists of children from various social and economical backgrounds who are united by their unique abilities.  The students that will be focused on are ages 7 - 16 and are within groups of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.  Ages where parental consent, participation and encouragement will be mandatory.

Benefits of Exceptional Education and United Unique Production:

We will Explore as we create with Excitement while we Extend and Expand hidden talents.  Then we will Express and Exhibit with Endurance and Exceed beyond expected expectations and humbly Exact respect and honor despite our Exceptions


Benefits for students, families and teachers:

This will be an annual event.  Over time as our benefit improves, our goal is to accomplish a significant improvement in school spirit to succeed and parent awareness.   The requirements will be instrumental to students with behavioral or academic dilemma because they will have to acquire and demonstrate a reasonable amount citizenship and academic goal set out accomplishments The success of the benefit will be determined by comparing the last year second school quarters to this years. : 

·        Increased IEP goal accomplishments

·        Increase student of the month awards

·        Increase parent involvement

·        Increased appreciation for the visual and performing arts     


Benefits for the Community and United Unique Production:

  • Make visible hidden visual and performing talents

  • Decreases unemployment and underemployment

  • More revenue/more taxes

  • Increased community inclusion

  • Lower Crime rate

  • Increased parental inclusion and awareness

  • Increased learning disability awareness

  • Schools and communities become disability compassionate

  • Decreased drop out rate

Our production consists of children from various social and economical backgrounds who are united by their unique abilities. As a result they will all be achievers in our United Unique Production.  Lets raise our community awareness and dispel the learning disability stigma and myths. 


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