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Gala FlowerGirl Cade

My name is GA LA - CAR , the founder of the up and coming GA LA-CAR Beauty & Styles Enterprise  www.galacar.com   I am the mother of 3.  My children attend Duval county public schools are staffed in the Exceptional Student Education Program.  All of my children have the learning style called specific learning disabilities/dyslexia.  This learning style can hinder the learning process of children.  As a result they can fall behind or fail in school academically and develop low self-esteem.  After discovering this and that there is a lack of resource awareness, I became inspired and compelled to help.  The United Unique Production (UUP), “Assisting with Success" in academics, arts and awareness was formed.  It is designed to work in harmony with the special education program as we broaden the children’s outlook by increasing academic accomplishments, discovering hidden talents and raising community awareness.    I have a book to further help with our efforts.



Have you gotten your Whatz Uup? T-shirt or cap yet? They come in Red, Navy, Royal, Black, Orange, Fuchsia, Bright Green, Yellow.  They are available in Small Medium Large X- Large, XX - Large  Sponsoring Tuition Assistance to UUP Reading & Resource Tutoring.  Email questions and orders at galacar@whatzuup.org

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